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Mrs. Warren's Profession

Wed, Oct 04 - 8:00 pm

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Banned as "indecent" immediately after its 1905 opening in New York City, George Bernard Shaw's witty and provocative Mrs. Warren's Profession is the story of a confrontation that locks two strong, unconventional women in an elemental battle. Modern, educated Vivie Warren hasn't seen her mother, Kitty, in years. When her mother pays her a surprise visit, and sheds some light on the ways in which she was able to sacrifice herself for the sake of her daughter, pulling her out of the London slums, Vivie discovers that Kitty is not the woman she thought she knew ... and a battle of wills ensues. Make your way to the Classical Theatre at Chelsea Market in Houston for this delightfully heartbreaking comedy.

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Classical Theatre @ Chelsea Market 4617 Montrose Houston, TX 77006

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