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Front Porch Society

Thu, May 25 - 7:30 pm

Regular Price: $33 - $44

Goldstar Price: $16.50 - $22

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It's November 4, 2008 in Marks, Mississippi, and America is on the eve of electing its first black president. But what does that mean to four elderly women in this rural town, especially Carrie Honey, the town's "overseer"? As other residents bask in their excitement over Barack Obama, she's too busy grieving over the anniversary of her son's tragic death to celebrate. After years of failed attempts to seek justice, Carrie has grown bitter, until a late-breaking scandal and new revelations emerge to restore her faded faith. The world premiere of Front Porch Society brings the recent past back into focus at Houston's Ensemble Theatre.

Event Location

The Ensemble Theatre 3535 Main Street Houston, TX 77002

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