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Feathers and Teeth

Thu, Oct 19 - 8:00 pm

Full Price: $25

Discount Price: $12.50

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Just in time for Halloween, Feathers and Teeth combines some of the our favorite bloody things: Hamlet, slasher movies and... '70s sitcoms? Home sweet home turns into a haunted house for 13 year-old Chris when Carol, her father's new fiancée, moves in. Struggling with the recent death of her mother, Chris believes Carol is evil, but she just can't persuade her dad. When a mysterious, potentially dangerous but kind of cute creature appears in the family's backyard, Chris assumes it's a sign from above to eliminate Carol once and for all. This imaginative, bone-chilling and wildly funny play brings the notion of dysfunctional family drama to sensationally scary heights at Houston's Studio 101.

Event Location

Studio 101 1824 Spring Street Houston, TX 77007

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