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Fri, May 05 - 9:00 pm

Deadhorse the founding members of Houston's underground scene during the late 1980's & early 90's has returned and started playing concerts again in October 2011. deadhorse blends thrash with local forms of music to produce aggravated, interesting and increasingly literate crossover material. Texas Heavy Metal will never disappoint and deadhorse will remain an institution to that tradition. The
y are heavy, crazy fast, locked on to blow your mind, to cut your breath and drive you insane. deadhorse has two basic ingredients which make them so special; great drums faster than a tornado and awesome bass sounds, mixed together with speed and rhythms that augment an explosive style deemed "horsecore". You may feel skeptical about it, but once you're auditable mind comprehends and fathoms the addiction that drives the "horsecore" , you will understand what Texans have been proud of for the past 20 some years. The shock hook jazzy rhythms are omnipresent in the middle of full throttle chaotic hardcore-thrash metal madness, the calm decayed nerves in you will throb for more grind core riffs just as the mayhem and the madness will attack your cranium again and again. deadhorse is well regarded for habitually incorporating elements of country music and Texas culture, most noticeably in the tune " Hank" from the 1989 deput and 1999 Relapse Re-release Horsecore: an unrelated story that's time consuming and "Chiggers" from the rare 1994 Feed Me EP. With over eight years of touring and recording, deadhorse has developed a compositionally complex version of the alternative thrashcore death metal, best demonstrated on their 1991 Major Label release Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers, later re-released in 1999 by Relapse Records. An undercurrent of mantic-music and psychosocial humor that persists and co-exists in many of their songs, Boil(ing) 1996 EP abounds "What a Beautiful Day" for "My Dog the Prophet" , though it is often juxtaposed with more serious work like the menacing med

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Scout Bar 18307 Egret Bay Blvd Houston, TX 77058

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