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Cue the Sun!

Thu, May 04 - 8:30 pm

Music has always played a huge role Ryan White's (Cue the Sun!) life. Growing up in the great state of Texas, he was exposed to a great number of musical genres, backgrounds, and cultures. Throughout his life, Cue the Sun! played with a number of bands during his high school and college years— writing, performing, and booking shows. Cue the Sun! later co-produced all the songs on their debut extended play, “DREAMS”, which highlights their versatility, experience, and love of music.

After spending time in Austin, Cue the Sun! found success connecting with Stephen Keech, co-owner of Dirty Denim Studios. Later, the group moved to Nashville, where they then worked with Keech, recording his debut EP.

Since then, Cue the Sun! has worked with Lane Johnson of Hewitt Studios, who mixed the “Dreams” EP, and Robin Schmidt of 24-96 Mastering, who handled the mastering.

Johnson commented, “Ryan had a strong, steady, and appropriate rhythm section, which laid a nice foundation for the songs. Lyrics range from the eclectic love (title track: Dreams) to playful. The verses support the concepts of the chorus. Overall, the songs are easy on the ears and create a feeling of comfort.”

Robin Schmidt also commented on the band and said, “I loved working on the tracks, they have a very cool British-Indie vibe to them. Great songs too— I had the melodies stuck in my ear for quite a while”.

Cue the Sun! draws their inspiration from the timeless artists: Michael Jackson, The 1975, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Hall & Oats, Prince, and Queen.

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Fitzgeralds (Downstairs) 2706 White Oak Dr. Houston, TX 77007

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