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Matt Otis and The Sound

Fri, Nov 10 - 9:00 pm

“…Otis’ lyrics are both intelligent and thoughtful…. each undeniably catchy song has it’s own distinct flavor, while evoking a variety of emotions…” (Mirror Music Reviews)

Matt Otis is an indie/acoustic musician supported by various other musicians. Otis has maintained an independent artist while producing his latest album "Life, Love Death," which has been described by critics as "Undeniably Catchy and Thought-Provoking" (PA Music Scene). While capturing his audiences attention by unique live-shows Otis has set out to independently create a music video/movie series out of each song on his latest album. Type in "MATT OTIS" in youtube to watch the first 4 Videos!

Matt has independently booked various national and international tours to support his music, philosophy, and message. In addition to independent booking, Playing instruments ranging from the guitar, piano, morocco's and harmonica, Matt Otis has been compared to artists such as: Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Bloc Party, and Bright Eyes.

Otis musical themes encompass the thought that self-expression is our ultimate meaning. Each individual has the ability to express a uniqueness while shoving away the cookie-cutter constraints of mainstream thought. Although major corporations dominate the minds of the masses each individual truly does create an impact. As insignificant as the mainstream media portrays humans, it is vital to our existence to assert our free minds and break free of our present conditioning in order for our species to reach a greater love.

Latest Album "Life, Love, Death," Available on ITunes for $8.99

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Stage on Herr 268 Herr Street Harrisburg, PA 17102

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