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Manian Van Hacker

Sat, Mar 18 - 5:00 pm

By the age of 23, Manian Van Hacker was the frontman of Condition K, one of the most notable bands in the Mid-Altlantic region, getting regular radio airplay and landing slots in front of 20,000 people, but Manian felt restricted by the expectations of his previous bands. He sought to create something unique to him.

In early 2013, he formed Manian & the Monumentals when he decided to pursue music more independently. Manian had inspiration, but he hadn’t written any songs yet. Even so, he sought out the talents of drummer Jim Bedorf, bassist Curtis Tankersley, and guitarist Derek Euston to aid him in realizing his musical vision.

He began composing acoustic demos pulling from rock, blues, jazz, and a little bossa nova. The band rapidly began to form their sound during spring and summer of 2013. Manian would leak his acoustic recordings and perform small acoustic shows creating a buzz of what was to come. In September of 2013, Manian & the Monumentals made their public debut with overwhelming praise.

By November 2013, work had begun on the band’s first EP, The Crime and the Season. The Crime and the Season featured six songs that are a solid introduction to the diverse and mature influences of Manian & the Monumentals.

After the release of their first EP, Manian asked Phil Williams to join the band as a second guitarist. Phil’s edgier sound brings added depth into the overall sound and fits well with the band’s second EP, Teeth, which will be released January 13th, 2015. The new recording is more reflective of Manian’s rock roots.

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Stage on Herr 268 Herr Street Harrisburg, PA 17102

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