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Fits, Yucky Duster, don't

Sun, Nov 12 - 8:00 pm

Fits is a four-piece band from Brooklyn that combines punky spaz-pop, droning loops, and hooky melodies into a heartfelt, dizzying power-pop romp. After years playing bass in a wide variety of bands, Fits is Nicholas Cummins's first songwriting project. These songs began as vocal and bass loops recorded to voice memo as a way for Cummins to express their own desires and songwriting designs. They since have evolved into effusive power-pop songs with the help of close pals drummer Brian Orante- and later Joe Galarraga (Big Ups) on guitar and Emma Witmer (gobbinjr) on bass.

Fits is undeniably shaped by band members’ time playing Brooklyn DIY spaces such as Shea Stadium and Silent Barn. (For one, Cummins first decided to take their solo project seriously after playing the demos through a giant traveling Swedish log parked in the Silent Barn's yard.) Songs are quick, loud, and rarely content with holding to any one style, instead taking joy in switching between loopy drones and caffeinated pop. The therapeutic drive behind the songs and the genuine fun of the group’s dynamic make their work a rewarding listen and Fits a band that can more than hold its own.

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Marble Bar 1501 Holden Street Detroit, MI 48208

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