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Who Killed Santa?

Fri, Dec 08 - 8:00 pm

Full Price: $15

Discount Price: $7.50

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The jolly old elf gets offed on Dec. 23rd. Who killed him? Was it Frosty the Snowman? Maybe Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Did Tiny Tim even have the strength to do it? Steve, The Little Drummer Boy, sure seemed to be mad? Or was Chastity, the new holiday character to blame? They all had motives and they all had alibis. In true holiday fashion, they parody favorite holiday tunes to place blame one another. In the end, its the audience who decides. There are four possible endings to the play. The final show on 12/29 will reveal all possible endings. Find out Who Killed Santa? at Dangerous Theatre.

Event Location

Dangerous Theatre 2620 W. 2nd Ave #1 Denver, CO 80219

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