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Whey Jennings & The Unwanted

Tue, Apr 18 - 7:30 pm

Whey Jennings was literally born into country music as the grandson of the great Waylon Jennings and eldest son of Terry Jennings (Waylon’s eldest son) who toured with his dad Waylon. Whey has always had a deep love of music as far back as he can recall. Ever since the first time he stepped out on that concert stage with his “Grampa Waylon” Jennings, Whey has loved performing his craft and following in his Grampa’s boot-prints.

Whey was just a young boy when music grabbed hold of him. Whey’s “Grama Jessi” (Jessi Colter) had just left the stage after singing “Storms Never Last” at his “Grampa Waylon’s” show. Grama Jessi laid her mic on a chair backstage and little Whey grabbed that mic and pranced right out there on that big concert stage with his Grampa Waylon.

Whey independently proceeded to sing “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” when his Grampa Waylon said, “Hey Hold Up There Hoss! Wait for me!” and went to pickin’. When Whey finished singin’ with Grampa Waylon, the crowd went nuts. Well, there you have it, the day Whey remembers falling in love with music and performing.

Grampa Waylon’s boots are some mighty big boots to try to fill, but Waylon passed on a great voice to give Whey a leg up.

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Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill 10261 Technology Blvd E Dallas, TX 75220

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