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Sonar Lights

Mon, Mar 13 - 8:00 pm

Sonar Lights is a rock trio from Denton, TX that has figured out a way to give an appearance of a band being more than just three people. Mighty, crunchy guitar riffs influenced from the early heavy metal era with pummeling rhythmic textures and dynamic melodic vocals meld together to produce the band's tight sound. Music analyst Jon Lee from The Hong Kong Underground sums up the band's live performance by saying, "There are times when a band strikes the first riff and you instantly know that you're in for a treat."

The past 12 months have been extremely busy for Sonar Lights. The band made quite an impression with Chinese fans and promoters. They are coming off their second China tour, "Year of the Horse" (May 2014). After their successful 2013 "Enter the Snake Tour" the band was promptly asked to return to rock the masses again at the Midi Festival; the largest rock festival in the country.

Sonar Lights was formed in 2011 and has been hovering under the mainstream radar delivering a brand of rock that has been desperately missed. Since the release of "Here We Are" the band has steadily gained credibility from fans, the media and fellow musicians alike. Disc jockey Angela Chase from 97.1 FM "The Eagle," the largest rock radio station in North Texas, said on her show, "I would highly recommend that you spend the $9.99 on iTunes and download a copy of Sonar Lights' album. They have quite a few good songs on it."

The band's sound and sharp songwriting has caught the attention of the industry's top music equipment manufacturers. Sonar Lights has proudly built working sponsorships with PRS Guitars, Bogner Amplification, ddrum Drums, George L's, Mono, Trailer Trash Pedalboards, Pigtronix Effect Pedals, Baroni Lab, Clayton guitar picks and Dunlop electronics. In addition, Pandora Internet Radio included Sonar Lights' entire album to their program giving fans the chance to create and stream their own Sonar Lights station.

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The Door 2513 Main Street Dallas, TX 75226

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