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Deschamp, Ragtag Romantics

Sun, Apr 16 - 9:00 pm

Hilarious, fun, and sexy, often describes Ricky Deschamp, the former lead singer of the catchy horror punk band “Head Casket”. His honest lyrics and catchy melodies have kept his fans singing along one song after another. Now embarking on a solo career, Deschamp is carving a name for himself once again. Signed to indie label FM Inc., Deschamp is currently in the recording studio working on his first full length album that will ring true with his current followers of DESCHAMPIONS and hook in new fans from all over North America and the world! Look for the first cd release from DESCHAMP and a national tour, SPRING/SUMMER 2017

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Three Links 2704 Elm Street Dallas, TX 75226

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