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Captain Phantasm Meets Major Majestic

Sun, Apr 02 - 7:00 pm

Regular Price: $12 - $25

Goldstar Price: $6 - $12.50

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Diligent do-gooder Captain Phantasm has been using his mighty fists of justice to protect Metroville City from evil for more than ten years. But now a new superhero by the name of Major Majestic has begun fighting crime in town -- and doing such a good job of it that Captain Phantasm is danger of becoming second banana to this new caped crusader. A hilarious, popcorn tossing parody of the pulp heroes and serials of the 1940s, Captain Phantasm Meets Major Majestic is flying to the stage at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre in Dallas.

Event Location

Pocket Sandwich Theatre 5400 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75206

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