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Don't Hug Me We're Married

Fri, Mar 03 - 7:30 pm

Regular Price: $70.40

Goldstar Price: $43.50

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Billed as "Fargo Meets Bridesmaids (without the wood chipper or food poisoning)," Don't Hug Me We're Married tracks the trap-filled path down the aisle for a couple of couples in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota. Gunner and Clara Johnson, owners of the tiny north woods bar The Bunyan, have been married for a really long time, so long that the flames of romance have completely fizzled out. When Gunner finds Clara's hidden pamphlet Divorce Fantasy Camp, he's forced to put the spark back in their marriage and prove he's a good husband. Meanwhile, Gunner's twin sister Trigger proposes to a local business icon named Kanute. Filled with comical complications, double weddings and songs like "The Greatest Love Song Ever," "The Marriage Test," "The Day that Bob Dylan Was Here" and "We're All Gonna Die," Don't Hug Me We're Married comes to Bunker Hills Dinner Theater in Coon Rapids.

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Bunker Hills Dinner Theater 12800 Bunker Prairie Rd. Coon Rapids, MN 55448

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