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Zafa Collective + Houndstooth Quartet

Sun, Apr 23 - 8:30 pm

The Zafa Collective was formed in 2016 upon the idea that classical music should be inclusive and accessible both in terms of programming and performance, and presents programs with diverse aesthetics in a wide range of venues. The Collective’s flexible instrumentation allows for repertoire choice with no limitations. Zafa cellist Audrey Q Snyder bridges the gap of the two ensembles, as she is also a member of the Chicago-based Houndstooth Quartet. The Houndstooth Quartet performs a range of repertoire but focuses on new music. The Quartet made their debut in 2017.

Hannah Christiansen - violin
Andy Hudson - clarinets
Audrey Q Snyder - cello
Casey Karr - double bass
Josh Graham - percussion

Myra Hinrichs, Min Park - violins
Eric Hollandar - viola
Audrey Q Snyder - cello

Zafa Collective:
Rain Chain - Kristi Kuster
World Systems - Anna Meador

Houndstooth Quartet:
String Quartet No. 3 “RIPEFG,” first movement - Yevgeniy Sharla

Zafa + Houndstooth:
The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind, Osvaldo Golijov

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Constellation 3111 N. Western Chicago, IL 60618

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