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Tue, Apr 11 - 7:00 pm

Fact: Stocksmile have 300 shows booked in 2016 alone, to be exact. The van is their home and their companion. This fact shows in the maturity of their sound and the ambition they emit. Members are mixed up between Vermont, Utah and Nevada and you know what? They don't plan on slowing down any time soon.

Formerly Bobby Meader Music, Stocksmile takes an aggressive and grungy approach to songwriting. Led by frontman Bobby Meader's charming and woeful raspy pipes, many often reference the band's music as having qualitative similarities to those of Balance and Composure, Elliott Smith, Superheaven, Brand New and Manchester Orchestra. This amalgamation has led to a sonic texture that fans have coined "folk doom" or "angular bummer punk". "At the end of the day…if people dig your music they're gonna call it whatever you call it, like people already do" is Meader's confident response, when asked about the band's ascent to becoming what they feel has a personality of their own.

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Downstairs 2011 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

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