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Fri, Mar 03 - 7:30 pm

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Eugene Ionesco was the master of the Theater of the Absurd, a dramatic genre wherein the world is incomprehensible and anything a writer can imagine can happen. For instance, in Rhinoceros, it seems like a normal day ... until everyone but the main character begins to turn into a rhinoceros. Written during the aftermath of World War II, the play served as a harsh criticism of the circumstances that led to widespread acceptance of fascism and Nazism. Today it remains a pointed and terribly timely critique of conformity, mass culture and allowing society to set the definition of morality. This production of Rhinoceros at Chicago's Public House Theatre delivers an absurd but eerily accurate commentary on our modern political landscape, in which action comes first and rationalization comes later.

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The Public House Theatre 3914 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60613

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