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Quiet Clubbing

Sat, Mar 04 - 4:00 pm

Regular Price: $15

Goldstar Price: $7.50

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You might not have heard about the hottest trend in nightlife -- especially since it involves keeping the sounds to yourself -- but it's called Quiet Clubbing, and it's coming to Chicago. The latest event grooves into a new venue, the upscale 19th century event space 19 East in Chicago. This time around, the cutting-edge bash features not one but eight live DJs, spinning hip-hop, entrancing EDM tracks and club-worthy throw-backs from the '80s and '90s. You can access all the music via your free-to-use wireless headphones and switch between channels at any time. The volume's adjustable, so you can go as loud or as mellow as you like, and each set features LED lights, so you'll know which channel the cutie next to you just picked.

Event Location

19 East Chicago 19 East 21st Street Chicago, IL 60616

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