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Jeff Tweedy

Sat, Apr 22 - 8:00 pm

Jeff Tweedy is "one of the most daring songwriters of his generation" and his band Wilco "vital, adventurous . . . breaking new stylistic ground with each ambitious and creatively restless album."

As the founding member and leader of the American rock band Wilco and before that the co-founder of alt-country band Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy is one of contemporary American music's most accomplished songwriters, musicians and performers. Since starting Wilco in 1994 Tweedy has written original songs for eight Wilco albums and collaborated with folk singer Billy Bragg to bring musical life to three albums-full of Woody Guthrie-penned lyrics in the Mermaid Avenue series.

Tweedy recently announced that he would be releasing a solo album - Sukierae will be out September 16 on Wilco's label dBpm. The new project is with his 18-year-old son Spencer. They're going by the moniker Tweedy and have released five new songs from the album.

For Tweedy's upcoming tour, he'll be joined by Spencer, guitarist Jim Elkington, bassist Darin Gray, and keyboardist Liam Cunningham. The upcoming tour will include material from Tweedy's new record, as well as solo acoustic versions of songs from the Wilco and Uncle Tupelo catalogues.

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The Vic Theatre - Jam Productions 3145 North Sheffield Chicago, IL 60657

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