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Horrible Fun": Based on Cards Against Humanity

Sat, Jul 22 - 10:30 pm

Regular Price: $15

Goldstar Price: $7.50

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Horrible Fun takes all the terrible apple mad lib incorrect against humanity party card games that you love so much and turns them into improv comedy fodder for the sick, twisted masses. When you walk in the door at Under the Gun Theater, you'll get three cards to use throughout the night. During the show, if you have a good card that matches the main card pulled by the judge on stage, raise your hand and share it. Under the Gun's comedy experts will then do improvisations based on the hilarious ensuing combinations. Be aware that just like your favorite party games, this show is dirty, ridiculous, offensive and horrible. Are you ready to be horrible too?

Event Location

Under the Gun Theater 956 W. Newport Ave Chicago, IL 60657

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