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Sun, Apr 02 - 8:00 pm

Rosenwinkel The first song came 10 years ago and Kurt was shocked at this new stream of music emerging from within him. As the years went by every once in a while a new song would come and he would recognize it belonging to this new stream, which he began to call “Caipi”, as a shorthand for these songs that had something to do with Brazilian music and of course Caipiriñias. Its deeply personal music with some brazilian influences, rock influences as well as jazz. He learns from the music that comes through. So he has been working for these ten years on this album, recording the songs at home and doing everything he can to make this music live. Now, thanks to five amazing artist it’s possible to play the music everywhere, where will be wanted.

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Jazz Showcase 806 S. Plymouth Ct. Chicago, IL 60605

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