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The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz

Sat, Mar 18 - 7:30 pm

Regular Price: $15 - $45

Goldstar Price: $6 - $31.50

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A "wonderful" Wizard of Oz adaptation this decidedly is not: Phillip C. Klapperich's brilliantly dark and highly original take on L. Frank Baum's beloved classic restores, and in many ways amplifies, the story's moodier, more complex and even more disturbing undertones. In this modern retelling of the classic American fairy tale, a twister lands our teenage Dorothy in Munchkinland, right atop a wicked witch. When Glinda and the Munchkins can't convince her to stick around and be their fabled "Witch Slayer," they send her off to Emerald City wearing magical boots soaked in the red blood of the slain witch. Teaming up with a one-day-old Scarecrow, a heartbroken Tin Woodsman and a guilt-ridden Cowardly Lion, Dorothy may have to live up to her violent and vengeful new nickname in exchange for a return ticket to Kansas. Best leave the little ones at home (perhaps with a copy of the 1939 MGM musical?) as you take in this modern twist down the yellow brick road at Chicago's Chopin Theatre.

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Chopin Theatre Mainstage 1543 W. Division Ave. Chicago, IL 60642

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