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Delicate Steve

Sun, Apr 09 - 8:00 pm

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The world first met Delicate Steve in 2011, as the artfully crafted band fronted by Steve Marion. Wondervisions debuted to high praise from critics including The New York Times and NPR -- but the questioned remained, who were the guys behind Delicate Steve? Turns out "the guys" are just one guy: Steve Marion himself, who writes all the songs and plays every instrument. He also collaborates with other artists, most recently providing guitar on Paul Simon's new record. His newest album is called, appropriately, This is Steve. And it's an ode to who he is: a talented songwriter and instrumentalist whose songs contain no lyrics yet clearly impart their message. Their genre is also impossible to pin down, but music fans of all stripes will find themselves drawn in. Meet Delicate Steve when he performs live at Chicago's Lincoln Hall.

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Lincoln Hall 2424 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614

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