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Cerebral Sorcery

Fri, Apr 28 - 8:00 pm

Regular Price: $40 - $80

Goldstar Price: $20 - $40

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Brewing triple-shot magic for a decaf world, illusionists Francis Menotti and David London specialize in mind-blowing experiences. More than 15 years ago, they first amazed audiences with their celebrated collaboration, Cerebral Sorcery. Now they are bringing the show back to the stage at the Chicago Dramatists Theatre. Billed as the "Magic Show for Your Brain," the ingeniously crafted plot follows two eccentric magicians intrigued by a mysterious box. In order to unlock its secrets, the two must solve a series of curious riddles and metaphysical puzzles that stump and surprise in equal measure. Featuring a series of magical vignettes, Cerebral Sorcery takes audiences on a philosophical journey deep into the human mind, a trip that promises to transform performer and spectator alike.

Event Location

Chicago Dramatists Theatre 1105 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

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