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Boy Toy's Pocket Cabaret

Fri, Aug 04 - 4:00 pm

Regular Price: $25

Goldstar Price: $12.50

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Immerse yourself in a sensual, cheeky, and all out entertaining experience with Boy Toy's Pocket Cabaret. Featuring a variety of performers of local, national, and international prestige, BTPC is sure to captivate audiences of all genders, orientations, and walks of life with their focus on empowerment and innovation. One of Chicago's only male burlesque shows, is an intimate yet high-energy, male-centric burlesque and variety show that will take you on a journey filled with music, dance, acrobatics, circus arts, drag performance, cabaret singing, and many other artistic forms of entertainment.

Event Location

Uptown Underground 4707 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60640

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