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B Teams featuring Boots, LL Cool Beans, and BIRTH ORDER

Mon, Apr 03 - 8:00 pm

Three independent teams. Two Weeks. One letter in common.
Join Boots, LL Cool Beans, and BIRTH ORDER as they take the stage together for the first time and then, one week later, the last time

BIRTH ORDER - Tori Titmas, Megan Hosack, Hannah McDonald, Lisa Albano
Boots - Cody Reiss, Spencer Walker, Adam Wynn, Audrey Schiffhauer
LL Cool Beans - Sam Bowers, Sarah Drew, Griffin Griggs, Jacob Knobbe, Claire McFadden, Alex Moss, Kim Quindlen, Brian Tochterman

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Event Location

The Chris Farley Cabaret 1501 N Kingsbury St. Chicago, IL 60642

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