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10 Out of 12

Fri, Mar 03 - 7:30 pm

Regular Price: $12 - $70

Goldstar Price: $6 - $35

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Playwright Anne Washburn catapulted us 75 years into the future in 2014's hit Mr. Burns, a post-electric play. Now Chicago's Theater Wit offers up her newest, most adventurous work, 10 Out of 12. The play embarks on a remarkable -- and often brutally honest and funny -- trip into the backstage world of a technical rehearsal. Don a private headset and you'll hear a near-perfect recreation of what goes on behind the scenes, complete with backstage chatter, opening night jitters, potential crises looming large and human stories unfolding.

Event Location

Theater Wit 1229 West Belmont Chicago, IL 60657

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