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Stalker Farms

Sat, Oct 07 - 4:00 pm

Full Price: $13.45 - $39.95

Discount Price: $8 - $28

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Fair warning: Stalker Farms is not just another Halloween haunt. Stalker Farms is a horror movie. But you're not watching it -- you're in it. With trained actors, talented makeup artists and original story lines -- this year's all-new arcs include crazed cultists and a clown's uh, "magic" show -- Snohomish's Stalker Farms delivers an immersive haunt experience so intense, a few of last year's guests needed assistance from on-site medical staff (yes, there's an on-site medical staff -- it's that hardcore). For those of you who don't enjoy self-induced heart palpitations and anxiety attacks, never fear: There are also "no scare" mazes, an apple cannon, a giant pillow jump, a paintball shooting gallery, foosball, fire pits and much more. But if you're ready to get the creamed corn scared out of you, step into what the fans on Scare Factor voted the "best in WA." Sorry for the nightmares, but hey, you get what you paid for.

Event Location

Stalker Farms - Haunted Attractions 8705 Marsh Rd Snohomish, WA 98296

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