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Spring Fling Night 1, Featuring: Vanity

Fri, May 19 - 7:00 pm

Vanity have made a record that defied everyone’s expectations, even stronger and more dynamic than their amazing debut LP Vain in Life (both records are on Katorga Works). Don’t Be Shy feels like an evolved version of the band. While their previous output was a crossover between aggressive rock 'n’ roll and Oi!, I would almost classify this record as post-Oi! The Templars and 4Skins influences are still discernible, and it's obvious to anyone paying any attention that this band came up in the DIY punk scene. But in the raw emotion on display here, a human experience can be understood, more and more with each listen (good luck not playing this record on repeat). There are ups and downs. There is pure vulnerability in Radigan’s voice, and beauty as he strains. There is casual hatred, there is hope, and there is an attitude at once proud and flippant.

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Union Pool 484 Union Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

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