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Shapes in Calgary

Sat, Apr 15 - 8:00 pm

Shapes in Calgary started as a collaboration between songwriter Alyssa Ciorciari and producer Gary Atturio in their tiny, home recording studio.The goal at the beginning was to make simple, small-sounding pop music using only a drum machine and a 1980's synthesizer. The restrictive nature of the project forced the duo to focus mainly on their songwriting and arranging abilities. After completing their first batch of demos, the two felt confident enough to share with close friends and collaborators Tim McCoy (drums) and Billy Libby (guitar). Now a four piece, Shapes in Calgary has maintained their simplistic approach to writing and performing, though they've since fleshed out their skeletal demos. They are currently working on a 5 song EP, which they hope to release in the fall of 2016.

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Shea Stadium 20 Meadow St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

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