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SeepeopleS, Hot Curl

Sun, Apr 09 - 8:00 pm

2011 is the last time the hard-to-define East Coast progressive rock group SeepeopleS played a live show. At the time, the group was touring in support of their fourth album, "Apocalypse Cow Vol.2." Although the album was critically acclaimed and the band was still gaining significant fan traction with a relentless touring schedule -- sometimes playing 200 shows a year -- the group was unable to get past many of the trials and tribulations that an up and coming band encounters, and SeepeopleS disappeared into a mysterious, unexplained hiatus.

Led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Will Bradford, and formed in Boston MA in 2000, SeepeopleS garnered early successes with well received albums ("For the Good of the Nation" in 2002, "The Corn Syrup Conspiracy" in 2004, "Apocalypse Cow Volume 1" in 2007 and "Apocalypse Cow Volume 2" in 2011), many that have become cult-favorites-cum-collectors-items that featured vast, dynamic soundscapes and rare and quirky performances from an intriguing array of musicians including members of Morphine, Spearhead, Lynyrd Skynrd, Parliament Funkadelic and Tim Reynolds. The band also toured hard, true road warriors with the chops to hold their own, opening for bands that included Presidents of the USA, Cracker, Death Cab for Cutie, Franz Ferdinand and a long list of others. It wasn't hard during these years to dig up a concert-goer who would describe the band's festival sets at All Good and Wakarusa as "epic" or "legendary." SeepeopleS was really making a name for themselves in an accessible, grassroots way.

But, like so many bands before them that have stumbled during the alchemical process of turning art into commerce, SeepeopleS found themselves suffering from the pitfalls of serious drug addiction and the turmoil of existing in a band whose lead singer and driving force was rapidly slipping deeper and deeper into the disease. Constant touring took its toll, and it was not long after the release of "Apocalypse Cow Volume 2

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The Well 272 Meserole Street Brooklyn, NY 11206

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