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Ron Morelli, Beautiful Swimmers

Sat, May 06 - 10:00 pm

Quietly kicking around the New York City underground since the late-nineties, Ron Morelli started the L.I.E.S. label in 2010 as an outlet to release the music of a tight knit group of friends who were making tracks around the city. What started as a small project to release his own music and those of local producers, has evolved as more people came out of the woodwork with their contributions.

As time has progressed, the label continues to be a highly respected institution and consistent mainstay in the weird world of off-center electronic music. Releases have come from the likes of artists as diverse as techno pioneer Adam-X, Dutch synth master Legowelt, Black Dice's Eric Copeland, upstart house producer Delroy Edwards, and Miami native Greg Beato.

2013 and 2014 saw Morelli step a bit further into the production realm, releasing two albums and one 12 inch for New York City's Hospital Productions imprint run by Dominick Fernow. He continues to work closely with Hospital with regards to his production and stays busy DJing on a weekly basis around the globe. His new album for Hospital Productions "A Gathering Together" will be released on September 25th 2015.

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Good Room 98 Meserole Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

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