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Los Elk, The New Review

Fri, Apr 14 - 11:00 pm

Formed in 2011 but fresh to the Boston scene, the Los Elk crew has gained a reputation for razor sharp sound and commitment to getting down. All the way down.

The band's sound tastily pulls from Rock, Funk, and R&B, creating a vibe that's… smooth but energized… hot-as-a-pistol-but-cool-inside… the musical equivalent of your restaurant entrée arriving while you were in the bathroom.

But don't take it from us. Take it from Carl, the real life, unsuspecting co-worker who just saw his first Los Elk show…

"Sounded great, man. ****** sexy. Hahahaha Ladies gotta dig it. But seriously it is a positive upbeat dance funk vibe. And that is refreshing."

Be like Carl.
Cheers, Los Elk.

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Goldsounds 44 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

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