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Kornel Kovacs

Thu, May 11 - 10:00 pm

Giving your debut LP the same name as the most influential techno track in history certainly takes balls. But, after hearing how Kornel Kovacs album 'The Bells' draws together his natural festive musicality and his long-standing love of club rhythmics, and then factoring in the juggernaut trajectory that's taken him from tea-making record store jester to globally acclaimed producer and DJ, you can certainly forgive his confidence.�

With the release of his debut album late last year, the Swedish producer, who is one third of Studio Barnhus, is headed to Good Room in May for a night of glimmering house music. He'll be joined by fellow fuzzy house producer DJ Wey plus Mondowski in the Bad Room for a night of dark electronic sounds.

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Good Room 98 Meserole Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

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