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King Missile, True Dreams, Kung Fu Crimewave

Fri, Oct 13 - 8:00 pm

King Missile, the avant-garde spoken word band, comes to Union Hall on July 1.

Over the years, King Missile released a string of singles - and albums - that were resoundingly embraced by American college radio, including ‘Take Stuff From Work’, ‘Sensitive Artist’, ‘Jesus Was Way Cool’, ‘Cheesecake Truck’, ‘Martin Scorsese’ and the hugely popular ‘Detachable Penis’ – just to name a few.

Vocalist John S. Hall, guitarist Dave Rick, drummer Roger Murdock, and keyboard and bass player Chris Xefos will perform all of the above mentioned songs as part of their set. Dave and Roger were both part of King Missile during its heyday.

King Missile released three albums on the Shimmy Disc label, 1987's Fluting on the Hump , 1988's They, and 1990’s Mystical Shit. This was followed by three records for Atlantic Records: The Way to Salvation (1991), Happy Hour (1992) and King Missile (1994). Following that, John reformed the band and released three more independent records on three different labels.

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Union Hall - Brooklyn 702 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

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