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Guilty Giraffe, Calls, Jeanseburg, Baglady

Thu, May 11 - 7:30 pm

- Mat: Founder guitar player, he has written songs for years developing his "sound." Mat is a self-taught guitar player and songwriter. Mat is a slime.
- Felipe: A self-taught drummer who spent years developing his drumming working in different bands and projects. Felipe's drumming origins developed from a heavy and fast style of playing, today he fuses it with new inspirations. Also a slime.
-Howl: Also self-taught, Howl is the bassist but mainly a guitar player and writes songs under the name of "Hillgiants." He has spent the past few years seeking his sound and working hard to develop his musicianship. He is the newest slime.

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Goldsounds 44 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

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