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Free: Defending The Caveman

Thu, Oct 12 - 8:00 pm

Full Price: $60

Discount Price: FREE

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In the early days of human civilization, the menfolk would go quietly into the woods to find prey while women would talk amongst themselves as they searched for berries. These days we've replaced the hunter-gathering with frozen dinners in front of the television, but the social dynamic hasn't changed much, or so posits the one-man mega-hit comedy Defending The Caveman. Part stand-up set, part history lecture and part therapy session, it's a scathingly funny breakdown of the timeless battle between the sexes, and how we all might understand each other just a little bit better with a little consideration of the lingering effects of our ancient ancestry. More than 25 years young, the show was the longest-running solo show ever to play on Broadway and has been seen in 45 countries. Now it comes to St. Louis for a must-see production at the Playhouse at Westport Plaza.

Event Location

Playhouse at Westport Plaza 635 Westport Plaza St. Louis, Missouri 63146

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