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The Dreyfus Affair

Fri, Apr 28 - 7:30 pm

Regular Price: $55 - $75

Goldstar Price: $27.50 - $37.50

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A tale charged with political passion, betrayal and intrigue, The Dreyfus Affair is based on the real-life story of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish artillery officer falsely arrested for treason and sentenced to solitary confinement on Devil's Island. Set in 1894, the scandal sparks a massive divide within France, leading to seismic tensions between the progressive Dreyfusards and the conservative anti-Dreyfusards. Following 2015's Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon and last year's Akhmatova: The Heart is Not Made of Stone, The Dreyfus Affair is the latest installment of Ensemble for the Romantic Century's trilogy of historic musical dramas. See this thrilling political drama take the stage of the Brooklyn Academy of Music - BAM Fisher.

Event Location

Brooklyn Academy of Music - BAM Fisher 321 Ashland Place Brooklyn, NY 11217

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