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The Cutouts, Adrien Black, The Silver Tongues, August West

Tue, Apr 25 - 7:30 pm

The Cutouts are three guys from Madison, Wisconsin USA that play fast, fun garage-rock-punk-surf-powerpop. The product of a late night jam session after an evening of drinking at the Crystal Corner bar, the Cutouts have been together for over five years with the current line up, playing to crowds big and small all over Wisconsin. Vocalist and main songwriter Scott Olson played bass and sang in Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys, The Willies, 24 Miles, and countless other esoteric Madison area bands before forming the Cutouts. "Concussionist" Mark Shumway is another veteran of Phil Gnarly and the Tough Guys, and played drums with the Vibrochamps and Nerve Jerk . Dan Bjerke played guitar for a few bands around Madison before eventually ending up with the Cutouts.

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Goldsounds 44 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

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