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Beta Librae

Fri, May 12 - 10:00 pm

NYC via Kansas producer Beta Librae (aka Bailey Hoffman) dons neural lace under headphones and zones into a deep and vitalic stasis of acid and dub-tinged techno on debut "Swope Park".

These nine low key crushers loop with aquatic textures and loose, freeform sequencing, finding a particular energy between a familiar acid paradigm and broader frenetic sensations. A Slava performance was initial inspiration for the minimal set up itself, and Hoffman's imagination was sparked further while subletting a room in tropical/electronic band Lemonade's apartment and hearing them practice every day.

Hoffman's experiments are fluid and circular and come as a direct result of new experiments with a Korg Electribe. The endless possibilities of empty slots on a sampler are treated with classic cyborg ideals—viewing it as an extension of her brain that can be loaded with absolutely any sound, and of course fucking with it all with a very human hand.

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Jupiter Disco 1237 Flushing Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

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