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A Benefit for Shea featuring Eskimeaux

Sun, Apr 30 - 5:30 pm

Eskimeaux is a four-piece outfit that delivers rock versions of songs from smith's recording project, whose songs center on exploring down to the bottom of what is really important. The live show is influenced by the delicate folk melodies of Vashti Bunyan, and draws its rock inspiration from East Coast friends such as Krill and Porches. The intricacies of eskimeaux's melodic structures serve to highlight moments of blossoming insight, while the heavy low end of the project drives the songs forward towards catharsis. Each song draws the audience into a towering, burnt-out cathedral of sound and then promptly tears it down. The flying debris and showering sparks create a determined and effective display of self-awareness and intention. The project's looping, mirrored song structures act as a rumination on the details and infinitely significant contingencies of smith's relationships and private thoughts about herself, while shaking, heavy drums and frantic synthesizer phrases combine to produce the emotional devastation and determination central to the project

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Event Location

Baby's All Right 146 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211

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