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Colbis the Creature, Snowhaus, Ozlo

Wed, May 03 - 8:00 pm

Colbis the Creature is based in the suburbs of Boston.

Predominantly forging songs with a solid rock texture and pop-flavored coating, Nick Caliendo softly hammers honest lyrics into your head with the help of, the dissonant, stringed rapier of Danny Hoey's feedback. Colbis is anchored to the earth by an exacting rhythm section, courtesy of Colby Blauvelt.
Their self-titled album (Colbis the Creature) is infectious and lingers long after with melodic hooks and odd imagery. With all members having different interests and influences, none of their songs sound like the next, but somehow all fit together.

Members: Nick Caliendo (vox, rhythm guitar) Danny Hoey (vox, lead guitar) Colby Blauvelt (percussion)

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O'Brien's Pub 3 Harvard Ave Boston, MA 02134

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