Facebook Security Alert Series

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Facebook Security

Alert Series

This week, we will be sharing information daily about how people's accounts get hacked. It's nerve racking and no one is untouchable when it comes to being hacked. Check in daily!

Day 1: 

Facebook receives countless reports from people that have had their profiles or pages copied by scammers.

The most common scenario is someone copies the name, profile picture and other available photos of their intended victim.

The next thing they do is block the person they are impersonating and then sends the person's friends a request from the new account. Once this part of the mission is complete, the scammer has many options to start causing you damage.

When you see a request from someone you know you are friends with (search your friends to make sure), notify them immediately to see if they have created a new account. 9 out of 10 times, it's a copied account starting the process.

Once you have notified your friend, don't hesitate to post a warning on your page (or even their page if allowed) and let others know not to accept a new friend request. Remember, your friend can not see whats going on because the hacker has blocked them from seeing anything that is posted from the bogus account.


Check back tomorrow for more information in the Facebook Security Alert Series

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