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It's Mother’s Day. The day of the year that is set aside to honor our mother's and go all out to impress them for what they have done for us over the years of our lives. We know you have taken care of your mom's gifts and not waited until the last minute - right?

With that in mind, have you thought about Mother’s Day marketing for your business?

Here are some suggestions for engaging others while honoring mothers. 


1. Memories

Everybody loves a good #ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT) post. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing an old photo of you and your mom from way back in the day – and mom’s ‘80s perm honestly never looked better!

Everyone will be feeling extra nostalgic on Mother’s Day, so why not associate that powerful, emotional feeling while marketing your business? Create a special Mother’s Day hashtag for your followers to use, and encourage them to upload pictures and videos of their moms and allow you to share them. Be creative and stand out.

2. Create a Contest

The funniest old family photo.

The funniest video of their mom.

The best mom poem. 

Best Dancing mom. Again, be creative and stand out.


3. Do a Fun Giveaway

What’s better than winning a contest with your mom at any time, especially on Mother’s Day? Ask your followers to post pictures of their moms, and select the cutest, funniest, sweetest, or most heart-warming photos as the winners! Your prize should be a gift that mom will really enjoy, like a spa day for two, or a fun cooking class that you can take together. Again, be creative and stand out.

4. Just add humor

There are just some mom stereotypes that we all have to laugh about!  YouTube gives several good examples of ways to make Mother’s Day extra fun.

For example, Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious #MomQuotes, or celebrating your favorite dysfunctional moms from film and TV. We love our moms, but they’re not without their quirks; some moms might not quite know how to use their smartphone, and others might mispronounce every one of your favorite celebrity names, but these sweet little quirks should be celebrated and laughed at – especially on Mother’s Day.


So go ahead, use every holiday for marketing your business. You may want to be careful not to offend anyone, however if everyone would just relax and see the humor in life, it would be so much easier.

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