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The Underhills

Sat, Oct 28 - 9:00 pm

The Underhills have been throwing an underground and more recently public Halloween party for close to a decade now.

They have a unique set of 80’s quirky standards to more obscure 80’s sounds that are always delivered with an irreverent intensity. Music from the era should be fun and that is the way it is delivered. You will hear anything from a Violent Femmes song you may have forgotten, to early REM, to one hit wonders, along with random 70’s redneck country anthems. There is almost nothing that can’t and won’t show up if it adds to a good time.
People have been dressing up for these free shows for years in both appropriately tasteful and memorably tasteless ways. You don’t have to wear a costume to enjoy the show, but anyone that wants to get their freak on are welcome to do so.

Every Underhills Halloween show has been full of good fun and memories. Everyone in Avondale and beyond is welcome. FREE SHOW

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Event Location

Saturn 200 41st Street S Birmingham, AL 35222

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