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Perkulator, Esseks

Sat, Mar 25 - 10:00 pm

Perkulat0r was probably sent from outer space to smack a fourth dimension of sound onto our dumbfounded earthly bodies. Amagamating like a slow roast in the unblemished suburbs of Vancouvria and only emerging onto the scene just over a year ago, this delicate freak of nature has already made a name for himself delivering punches straight from God. Careful and collected, his sets are a delcious menage of original productions and fresh intelligent beats. Viable to any crowd this alien slayer will sauce you from the feet right up to your slowly melting eardrums. Get ready to be blown away as Perkulat0r delivers a dose of outer space gangster soul unlike any other.

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The Capitol 190 NW OREGON AVE Bend, OR 97702

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