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Alarm 58

Fri, Apr 07 - 10:00 pm

Sound the Alarm...wake up from the dream! It’s a call to consciousness for these four from Bend, Oregon. Vocalist Michael Divita and guitarist Mikel Lomsky grew up together and always worked towards forming a band to express their musical prowess, as well as their take on the world. The current form of that is Alarm 58, formed with drummer Caleb Trowbridge and bassist John Fahr. It’s serendipity that has brought them all together at this point in time..a tumultuous time politically, socially, existentially. Their music is meant to provoke thought, questioning, and examination of a society that can lull you into subconsciousness with bright and shiny leaders and offerings for all the senses. Alarm 58 are taking their unique and driving music and message to the people as they travel across the country to sound that alarm as far and wide as possible.

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The Capitol 190 NW OREGON AVE Bend, OR 97702

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