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For the love of Oregon! I <3 rain!

It is a beautiful Oregon, rainy day!  I have to be honest, over the summer with the warm temperatures starting in May (instead of the 5th of July) and the fall setting in so late this year, I started to believe that our climate had changed, that there would be no more long weeks of rain and gray, cloudy skies. That our temperatures were forever warmer than typical, Pacific Northwest weather, and that the precipitation had dramatically declined permanently.  So, for me this week is a dream!  I adore the rain.  I adore the mist and fog and the rather cool, yet balmy climate of our dear Oregon, the beauty of the magnificent Pacific Northwest.  I am in heaven, truly in heaven. 

I enjoy our overdramatized weather reports of storm ridden chaos, despite the fact that there really isn't much going on out there.  Yes, yes, there is standing water on some roadways, and yes there was a little flooding here and there and all around.  The typical places... Johnson Creek, well, any Oregon creek in the Autumn...Oh, how I do love this beautiful weather and the calamity of the mildly annoying wetness. 

For me, this is the best. I am happy to walk from my car to the entrance of whichever location and become dampened and, I enjoy immensely the need for a coat, scarf, gloves and even a hood, but never an umbrella.  Oregonians don't need umbrellas!  I enjoy the fashion of coats, long coats, woolen coats, rain coats, coats with hoods. I love the rain.  I love the green.  I love full rivers, lakes and tall green trees. Oregon, what a beautiful place to live! 

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