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Happy Holidays!

Happy December 23rd! My family is READY for the HOLIDAYS!!

What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?

For me, I have to say that the best part of the holidays is the string of different family visits.  This time of year is for fun, family, food and giving thoughtful gifts. 

There is nothing I like more than planning out and surprising my loved ones with gifts that spoil.  I just love it.  Most of the year we are frugal, responsible, but this time of year is about being generous! And, even more fun are the long leisurely days grazing on fabulous holiday foods and goodies, playing with the kiddos, and long visits with relatives.  Most of the year is go, go, go...this time of year I have a license to chill and hang out with my favorite people!

PacWest Restoration would like to wish all of you a wonderful and family filled holiday season!

Peace and happiness through the holidays and the new year!

Joy Lincke

PacWest Restoration Inc



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