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June Pastel

Mon, Mar 27 - 8:00 pm

June Pastel’s debut, sits at the rare transitory space only available through processes of growth and motion. Conceived in Salt Lake City (songwriter Pena’s hometown) and realized in Baltimore (his current place of residence)—the band's debut All to Come shows an eclectic group with roots stretching to jazz, neo-soul, chamber music, 90s alt-rock, and electronic. Each of these worlds builds the collaged moment-to-moment vocabulary within the June Pastel universe.

For Peña, a generous bandleader, June Pastel is all about community: his songs are bases upon which his musical collaborators may find their own expression, around which relationships may form. June Pastel is a first—and important—step by Pena away from solo work, working for the reasonable alternative within the do-it-yourself mode: the communal ecology of doing it with others.

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Metro Gallery 1700 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21201

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